Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Check other people's work

I learned a very important lesson this evening at just the right time -- don't assume the "professionals don't screw up." Here's the deal: I was installing ground and battery power cables this evening in anticipation of testing out the com radio and transponder (and intercom). When I pulled the P-9 cable out of storage, I noticed the connector had fallen off. I checked the other end, and that pulled off. Then, I tugged on the battery-to-contactor cable (P-16) that I'd already installed and they pulled off too.

Van's issued a service bulletin on its battery cables in 2006. But I purchased these last summer. They're not cheap. I will be building my own cables now because it's unlikely I can do a worse job. Still, it pushes the project back another few weeks.


  1. Holy crap! I just got my wiring harness from Van's last week. I'm going to check it this afternoon.

  2. Man, I just ordered the harness yesterday and now I see this. I hope they have fixed this problem.


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