Saturday, June 27, 2009

The hoist

I've been looking around for an engine hoist to use to mount the engine on the RV-7A project. "Somebody must have a hoist you can borrow," people kept telling me. But nobody did.

So, today, I bought one and played Christmas morning on the floor of the hangar.

And... voila!

And it folds up nicely for when I'm not hanging an engine.

It's, no doubt, more hoist than I need. It went for $229 at Northern Tool & Equipment and it can handle 2 tons. That's about 13 airplane engines. But I intend to make it available to other RV builders in the area so when the next person tells someone around here they're looking for an engine hoist, someone can tell them Bob's got one and he'll let you use it.

After I do, of course.

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