Thursday, July 17, 2008

RV Builder's Hotline climbs up Google

I'm like the guy who put stuff in storage and now can't get it back. A few years ago, Rob Riggen of Expercraft volunteered to host the RV Builder's Hotline on his site. Fortunately, I made copies of most everything up until about a year ago.

I no longer have any access to that data so if you enter RV Builder's Hotline in Google, it's still directing people first to the Expercraft site. For all I know, people are still signing up on that site. And, of course, some articles are still on that site.

The problem with that, of course, is the Hotline is on a different server now and I've been unable to convince Rob to put a simple "redirect" up to the new site to avoid any confusion.

Eventually, Google will learn what's going on and eventually people searching for the site will get the right spot, rather than be fooled into thinking the old site is the new site.

Today, for example, it's crept up to #4 on the list.

Three more to go!


  1. I'm #1 on Brave Sir Hogarth, but MPR News Cut has the #2 slot.

    I'm also #1 for PapaGolf, but the competition is surprisingly strong.

  2. The more you can get people to link to the new site (and remove links to the old), the better it should get.