Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The hardest part of homebuilding

There are weeks when I wonder if anyone really reads the RV Builder's Hotline, or whether it's treated the same way I treat newsletters I've subscribed to -- delete.

Because tucked near the bottom was this item:

We all know the usual hard parts of building an RV airplane -- fuel tanks and canopies, mostly. But what part of building an RV surprised you most of all when it came to the degree of difficulty? And how did you overcome it? For a future RV Builder's Hotline story, please share your experience.

And I got a grand total of, ummm, no responses, which means I really don't have a "top story" for this weekend's issue and it is Tuesday already. On the other hand, I'm not actually committed to putting out an issue this week since technically it's an every-other-week newsletter.

If you're interested, however, go here.

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