Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ask Mr. Oshkosh - Saturday 7/26

You know, this is a lame title. It makes me sound like I think I'm a big shot. Mr. Oshkosh. That's not the intent, just for the record. It's just the only title I could think of on short notice and Ask Mr. Dumb Ass in the Campground didn't fit the title very well.

The wiFi is holding up great in the campground. I bought a gizmo to allow me to charge the laptop on the car power supply so having showered and all, I'm sitting in the car... updating things and waiting for the laptop to hit 100%, at which time I shall retire to the tent to watch some TV shows on

I heard from Rick Woodall. He's staying at the Sleepy Hollow campground, which -- again if you're not familiar with camping at Oshkosh -- is a private campground down the road. It has lots of amenities and isn't quite as busy or noisy. I believe there's a shuttle bus there. I'll try to visit with Rick and his family for a few minutes later this week. He's building a 9A.

Daryl Tolliver is has checked in via the AMO (or ATDAITC, if you prefer) link:

Glad to see ya made it! I have only been to Osh 2 times. The most recent was 2 years ago. I flew in with a buddy in his RV6A. We camped in the homebuilt lot. We had a great spot right next to the showers. Where are you in relation to the Homebuilt camping. In that area it was mostly RV’s. I thought I was in heaven. He has since sold the plane and is building a 4. My 7A is coming along nicely but still not done for this year so maybe next I hope.

I will be checking your posts each day and let us know if your standing in the showers naked talking to someone about airplanes again. That story cracked me up last year.

The homebuilt camping is fairly far away; perhaps a mile or so. The campground, and folks who fly in here really should come over to the campground, is on the southern end of the airport. If you're familiar with the "south 40" you would head due West to the highway. The ultralights' pattern takes them pretty close to overhead.

By the way, Daryl, thanks for catching the messed up email link in the day 1 diary.

It was nice to get a note from David Lamb tonight:

I'm in Wausau, WI this evening and plan to arrive in OSH Sunday AM. The last time I wrote you a note I was flying in Sri Lanka about 2 years ago. I have been working on my RV7A for the past 5 years and have made a lot of progress over the past year. Maybe, a big maybe it will fly in 2009.

I got very frustrated not being able to fly regularly so, I broke down and I bought a 1974 C172. It is the 172 that brought us to Wausau today. 3 hours 20 mins from the home town of Tisdale, Sask. to Piney Pinecreek Border Airport, Minn. The runway runs through the 49th parallel, half in Canada half in the US. You can clear customs in both directions. Kind of neat. The customs guy couldn't have been nicer. 3 hours from Piney to Wausau at 9500 ft and 130 knots ground speed. I can't wait to do this in the RV. I expect to do a much better than 130. This is my first trip to OSH so I am like a kid waiting to get into a candy store.

I look forward to meeting you when we arrive. I have always appreciated the good work you have done

OK, let's break this down. In an hour less than it took me to drive -- faster than the speed limit, I must admit -- from Woodbury, Minnesota , which is practically on the Wisconsin border, 3/4s of the way across the great state of Wisconsin, David flew from Tisdale, Saskatchewan to Wausau, which is about 90 minutes from here by car and 50 miles as the crow -- or David -- flies.

But David was probably doing what I was doing too, calculating how long the trip would be in an RV. For me? About an hour and a half not including the time it takes to get out of your tipped over "a" model since you have to taxi on grass here. (That's a joke).

David, find me when you get here... or somewhat after you get here. I imagine you'll be reaping the benefits of the exchange rate when you're here. I won't be.

Charlie from Pochahantas, Mississippi added a comment to the Day 1 Diary post. He's made the big cut on his canopy this week. Also nice to hear from Bayne Just.

Pete Howell emails that the Oshkosh buzz isn't happening -- at least yet -- in the skies from the Hawkeye state to the Gopher state:

I agree traffic might be down. Ryan and I came in this evening from a family reunion in Iowa and let loose with a "Who's headed to Oshkosh on 122.75. Chirp, Chirp, Chirp..... Nothing. The SL-40 has
some power so that really surprised me. I might try to make it over
Monday if I can get some work stuff done tomorrow.

Nice of you all to write. It gets a little lonely out here in the field sometimes. Just me and the jackasses in their semi-trailer trucks riding their horns at 3 a.m.

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