Monday, July 28, 2008

Ask the Dumb Guy in the Campground - Part II

Today's mailbag.

Bill Cloughley of Maryland writes:

I've been working on a RV-7 slowbuild the last 4 1/2 years. But I told myself this year, no more Oshkoshes for me until the RV is airworthy. I mean it. So I'm glad you are blogging from the aviation mecca. I don't know if you follow golf, but this year's U.S. Open had a playoff on Monday between Tiger Woods and some other guy. Of course, like most people I had to go to work and couldn't watch or listen to it, but I was able to follow it through an ESPN blogger. It was great! So I'm hoping to attend Oshkosh virtually through your blog.

I've been to Osh 5 times I think but always in the middle for 3-4 days, never before it started like you are. By the time I've gotten there in the past, it's hard to find a place to pitch a tent. I got a kick out of how you have the exact GPS coordinates for your spot. Hope you have a great time. Thanks for writing it up.

I did the same thing with Tiger. In fact, I think all of America did the same thing. But you're building an RV in 4 1/2 years. Slow down, man, you'll hurt yourself at that speed. I'm on year 8.

In the event you're having pangs for Oshkosh, well, that's certainly appropriate but let me remind you of the dark side: Rain. It's in the forecast for tomorrow. And not just little showers. We know that because the EAA AirVenture newsletter has a big raindrop under the Tuesday forecast -- not sun with a cloud and a few drops, a raindrop. That's bad. That's visit-the-Maytag-laundry-to-dry-out-your-clothes-bad.

And it's very difficult to enjoy the setting knowing that tomorrow I have a good chance of being the Good Ship Bob.

Dick Chevalier writes...

You don't know me. Caught your email on the RV list. Live in NM. , now vicariously I guess. Enjoying your pics and text. Have a nice time at the event. Go pick up a free SPOT tracker. They are giving them away you know.

One thing about not having an RV that's flying; there's little need to be tracked. I'm sure the unit is a cool thing, but the "free" part that's being marketed is misleading and that's too bad. It's "free" if you sign up for a year's service which is something like the cost of a year of TiVo. Polaroid started this stuff with cameras that were dirt cheap and they got you on the film. Gillette and Schick never lost a dime sending out millions of free razors. Ain't nothin' free. (g)

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