Thursday, July 31, 2008

Final pictures from Oshkosh

I never went to the Beach Boys concerts at Oshkosh and I couldn't possibly care any less about Foreigner this year. But my youngest son, Patrick, instructed me that I simply must go see Jeff Dunham, who performed Wednesday night.

I'd never seen so many people! The act was very good (I'll stop short of "great" because it did have a slight Southern Republicanish feel to it and I hate politics). I arrived a couple of hours early and got a seat in the "shed" (as we used to say at Tanglewood) and it wasn't until I was trying to get out of there after talking to my wife about Pat's run-in with a gunman that I realized how many people were out on the lawn.

There was no safe exit from the Theatre of the Woods. There were no aisles. It was like the Coconut Grove.

Anyway, I enjoyed the opening act more than Dunham. It featured "guitar guy"

And, yeah, that's a picture of a picture because I happened to be sitting right behind the cameraperson for the TV feed.

And here's a lousy shot of Dunham doing his thing with his character, Walter.

Guitar Guy's act, by the way, is almost word for word what is on YouTube.

More impressive to me -- and I think more in the old spirit of Oshkosh -- was the community band that played prior to the show. It was made up of just plain folks attending AirVenture who happen to play a music instrument. Here's their performance from a year ago. They sure deserve a lot of credit.

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