Monday, July 7, 2008

J.W. French in Oregon

I haven't kept up very well with J.W. French's position reports but he sent this today:

I landed at Independence, OR yesterday. My visit to Myrtle Creek and Roseburg, OR will rank up there with flying the P51, Crazy Horse. I hope I'll have time this evening to write it up. What an adventure. Bob Schwarzler, my host at Independence,OR is driving us in to see the wonders at McMinnville, OR today. I'll stay up late and give a full report on both stops tonight.

The attached photo is the fellows with the biplane escort I left with from Myrtle Creek form Roseburg, OR.

I invited Mr. French to stay at my house if he takes a side trip to the Twin Cities on the way to Oshkosh. I've been unable to find any Twin Cities area EAA chapters willing to host a little get-together for him, however. Since that's the reason for his trip (to meet EAA members), this could get a tad embarrassing.

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