Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Vertical Power firsthand

There was an ad on TV a month or so ago, I think for Comcast, where this buxom woman mumbles some sort of HDTV specifications and then says, "I totally don't know what that is, but I want one."

That's me and the Vertical Power product I've written about recently in the RV Builder's Hotline, except that I know what it is... sort of. But since I'm an electrical system disaster waiting to happen, I haven't quite grasped all of what it can do yet.

Today, I got to see it firsthand:

That's Vertical Power's head cheese Marc Ausman demonstrating his product at Stein Bruch's SteinAir facility in Farmington, Minnesota this afternoon.

Stein gave me a call so I skipped work for a few hours to go meet Marc and generally hang out. I love this product. Stein is going to be one of the authorized dealers, so I'll buy it from him.

Why? Because Stein Bruch is, perhaps, the world's greatest RVer. He's collected some funds to help with the RV Builder's BBQ (Marc, by the way, is one of our BBQers). And he bought us a huge event grill (shoot, I meant to take a picture of it) for the event.

He reports he and the folks at SteinAir have been testing it out and it works really well.

In other news, I got a hangar today!

It's a T-hangar at South St. Paul. I'm looking for someone to share it with since I don't have a plane.

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