Thursday, June 28, 2007

NTSB cites formation flying in RV crash report

The Norman, Oklahoma crash of an RV-7 last December has been blamed on a stall/spin accident, with an attempt to fly in formation cited as a contributing factor. Here's the narrative.

It was one of five RV crashes settled by the NTSB on Thursday.

I'll have all the details in this week's RV Builder's Hotline, which will be out on Friday morning (instead of Saturday this week).

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  1. You may have read my account of formation training. It was fun and exciting, but my personal calculus (aided by she-who-must, who weighed in quite heavily on this particular topic) calculated the cost/benefit as simply not being worth it. I'm a "to each his own" kind of guy, so I am not sitting in judgement or anything, but I have simply decided that formation flying isn't for me.

    You give up a lot when you give up control, and when it comes to flying, I'm just not comfortable with that. See also: my experience with Cleveland Class B, who were quite content to stick me out over Lake Erie in a single engine plane for 15 - 20 minutes.