Sunday, June 17, 2007

Boone RV Fly-in

It took a little while to get ourselves launched out of Lake Elmo because of the weather but we finally made it out about 3 hours later than planned. The weather cleared just enough for us to get out and then we ran a little scud across Woodbury before finding a hole to get up and over the a thin East-West front that extended across southern Minnesota.

I've put pictures up in the Photos section of the RV Yahoogroup. Also, this morning, I notice there are photos up on the fly-in Web site.

Our Daily Thread: I've been on the RV List for a long time. Many of the same people that are on the RV List are on the Yahoogroup site and Van's Air Force and Rivetbangers. So will someone please tell me why the RV List consistently is the spot where you'd expect stupid, off-top, flame wars to break out? Is it that it's not well moderated?

The cause of this one, isn't really the issue. Because some of the participants are the same ones that are usually involved in flame wars. You know, the ones that never use their names and tell you that they're 10,000 commercial pilots who build software on the side and have built 20 RVs.

As one poster who posted today said...

I think the useful life of the list has come to an end for me. I built my RV-6 and made the first flight on July 14 1989. There are so many beautiful airplanes and neat ideas now that were not thought of when I was building, and the kits have changed drastically over the last twenty years. My RV-6 would be considered archaic by today's standards so for me to have helpful hints for today's
builders as a previous builder is not as feasible as it use to be. I have probably stayed longer than I would have if I did not have so much respect for Matt Dralle and the tremendous amount of work he puts into these lists.

Crazy stuff.

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