Monday, June 4, 2007

The angle of attack indicator

I'm only now getting serious about what's going to be in my airplane's instrument panel,and it's a little difficult ignoring what everyone else has in theirs. There are days I see the beauty of utter simplicity, and then there are days when I think something like the Vertical Power system is really the way to go, the expense be damned.

I imagine I'll be in the middle somewhere. I just don't know exactly where.

But I've always been interested in an angle of attack indicator. But should it be a separate unit, or one that's integrated with some EFIS or flight display setup?

Perusing such things today, I came across the latest newsletter for EAA Chapter 2, which is somewhere in Indiana, in which Larry Zepp has written an article about AOAs. The article itself wasn't very detailed -- in fact, it didn't serve much purpose other than to tell pilots what an AOA indicator is, a fact I find frightening is that every pilot doesn't -- apparently -- already know.

No, what caught my interest was a little article after Larry's. Kelly Meiste has apparently developed a homebrew AOA for his (I think it's a he Zodiac. I looked around Google for a Web site, but found nothing.

I'd be interested in learning more about what homebrew versions of AOAs people have developed.

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