Wednesday, June 13, 2007

BBQ over the top

This evening we reached 352 in reservations for the Oshkosh BBQ and that's that. We're capping it there. We can't handle more than that, and, frankly, I need some time to do other stuff. My wife is out of town this week and I had big plans for working on the RV, but it's been non-stop envelope-stuffing and I need to have a period well before Oshkosh to get everything together. Capping the attendance allows that. I hope you understand.

Now then, I haven't been able to write much because this week I'm working on a column for the RV Builder's Hotline on Marc Ausman's Vertical Power gizmo. If you haven't seen it, I'll introduce you to it this weekend. I'm also putting together a podcast with a full 48-minute interview I did with Marc.

I've often thought it would be cool to do more audio work but it takes a lot of time. That's why I marvel at what Doug Reeves does. He sets up phone and people call in and leave "reports." "Citizen Journalism' at its finest.

Tonight, he has a nice piece with Mark Stewart on an Angel Flight in Georgia, the only place, from what I understand, where an experimental airplane can do Angel Flights. The audio is here, but you should really go to Doug's site, which -- if you're into RVs -- you undoubtedly do. Who doesn't?

I'm putting the volunteer duties together now for the BBQ, and Doug is getting beer-hander-outer duties. I figure that makes him the most popular person at the BBQ, which -- it seems to me -- is wholly appropriate.

This morning, I think it was this morning, someone was kind enough to send me a picture of Cleveland, following up on my post of last week. It's on my other machine so I haven't gotten a chance to look at it or post it here, but I will tomorrow, I promise. Maybe. In the meantime, there is a COMMENTS section here, so feel free to use it.

This Saturday, I hope, fellow builder Warren Starkebaum and I are flying down to Boone, Iowa for the Boone RV day. Hard to believe in 7 years of building -- or is it 6? -- I've NEVER been to an RV fly-in. C'mon weatherman! One of my favorite stories from Boone was this one, written by gifted RV drivers -- and writer -- Mark Navratil.

Our Daily Thread - It's actually this one on Rivetbangers. You know Smitty of, right? He plays up that whole Texas hick thing even though he lives in Plano. Plano! He might as well live in St. Paul. I laughed by empennage off with the picture of his BBQ grill. Scroll down and you'll find it.

Ya hear?

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