Saturday, June 16, 2007

This week's column

I didn't write a column this week for the RV Builder's Hotline, but I did write an article. This one is on the new Vertical Power electrical systems product. I also uploaded the audio of the interview with Marc Ausman.

Find it here.

I do plan on writing a column next week on the RV Hall of Fame. It's a little virtual idea I've been kicking around for giggles. If there were a Hall of Fame, who would be in it? OK, sure, Van is in it. But who else? I think Bob Avery of Avery Tools would be in it. I think Stein Bruch of SteinAir would be in it -- there's so much he does behind the scenes. I think Doug Reeves of Van's Air Force would be in it. I think Sam Buchanan would be in it. Dan Checkoway? Of course he's in it!

Who else? C'mon...comment! Maybe you'll make the column.

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