Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Accident findings in

The NTSB has issued preliminary cause reports in two incidents involving RVs. Fortunately, neither resulted in serious injury.

Ogden, Utah
Probable cause released in 3/24/07 incident in which RV-4 lost power. Failure to switch tanks.

Turlock, Calif.
Probable cause released in 10/28/06 incident in which an RV-6 lost power on take-off and crashed trying to return to the airport. Broken piston rings and failure to maintain adequate airspeed.

Our Daily Thread: Andrew Barker at TruTrak (disclaimer: I bought a TruTrak and I love the company) has reacted to the usual online chatter on the delay in the 2" ADI from the company.

There are many reasons that the 2" ADI has been delayed as long as it has. One of the biggest is me. I personally did all of the engineering and design of the product. Yes, we already had the 3" version, so schematics were obviously not a problem. Between all of my normal daily duties, and engineering on other new products (yes, the EFIS is certainly one of the big ones) the 2” ADI simply kept getting bumped back.

There's more here but let's just say, Andrew Barker is one hell of a stand-up guy. Tru-Trak is one of the companies, incidentally, that's making the RV BBQ at Oshkosh BBQ. I'll say it again, buy from RV builders before you buy from somewhere else and you'll never go wrong.

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