Monday, June 11, 2007

Aviation miscellany

Most of the RV community, as near as I can tell, is still talking about that nose-over in the U.K. over the weekend. The video (very small, done in QuickTime) was distributed by the rsvqn list this morning and at first it appeared that the nose-over happened shortly after touchdown. That would've given rise to the "bad piloting" aspect of the usual debate that starts after these things. But upon further review, it happened well into the rollout.

What scares me is how fast the deceleration is. It caught the hole -- or whatever caused the collapse -- and that was it. VERY rapid deceleration. I'm beginning to think the flipover is what saved people because if it had just stopped and nosed in, I don't think the human body could withstand it.

There is a thread about this on VAF but for some reason the thread has been closed. You don't see that everyday.

BBQ Update - We're really close to 300 attendees so given our 350 limit, we should be closing reservations within a couple of weeks. This is turning out really well so far. I got home today to find a donation from Teledyne Mattituck. Coupled with what Stein Bruch has collected, looks like it'll be an expense free night for RVers.

Newsletters: This is usually a big weekend for getting EAA chapter newsletters published. One of my favorites is Chapter 1414 which came out with theirs today.
There really are very few great newsletters being produced -- I'd guess 12-18 nationwide. And I check the chapter Web sites every week. It's surprising -- and should be embarrassing to the chapters -- how often you go to an EAA chapter site and the newsletter was from 2 years ago and the big headline says, "join us for the fly-in, 2 p.m., July 4, 2002!"

Our Daily Thread: I can't decide how I want to fasten the canopy to the frame and rollbar. On VAF, there's yet another thread about silkaflex. But I posted a thread on the RV YGroup based on an old article in RVator I read the other day from Amit Dagan in which a small plastic bushing is used. I really like this idea and Dan Checkoway posted some thoughts on this that were enlightening.

Temperatures are in the 90s in Minnesota this week. I've got to get moving on this.

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