Monday, May 17, 2010

Video: The last Hamilton

One of the reasons my RV-7A project is taking so long to finish is because there are so many distractions on the field that grab my attention.

Today, for example, I could cut CAT tubing for the fresh-air vents on N614EF, or I could walk out to the taxiway to watch the 1929 Hamilton do an engine run-up and taxi at South St. Paul's magnificent Fleming Field.

A few minutes later, a crowd watched as the Hamilton was back for its departure from home.

As I understand it, this thing has been in the Lysdale hangar at South St. Paul Airport since the 1960s. Originally, they were built in Milwaukee. It's the last one in the world. It's been sold at auction and will soon head toward the West Coast.

Here's some background:

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