Tuesday, May 25, 2010

RV-8 pilot killed in Florida

A crash near Sebring, Florida has killed RV-8 pilot Douglas Gardner.

According to the Tampa Tribune:

Lt. Darin Hood, with the Highlands County Sheriff's Office, said the pilot was identified as 61-year-old Douglas Gardner. Authorities received the call at 9:15 a.m. Sunday after residents living on and near Highland Street off C.R. 17 South, close to U.S. 98, heard the plane crashing.

More here.

If you've ever hung an engine on an RV, there's a pretty good chance you benefited from Mr. Gardner's expertise. He's one of the Tampa RVers who wrote "The Illustrated Guide to Engine Hanging."


  1. Doug Gardner was my friend. A fine and truly unique character who had set himself up for fine and fun days when he no loger chose to pursue a paycheck. We may never know what happened but we do know he is greatly missed and many events will never be the same without his wry inputs. Cannot believe it is true. I love you and hope you are flying with GOD. Craig Siapno

  2. I have flown with Doug and he was a great pilot but an even greater freind and relative. He loved that plane and was very proud of it as he should be. He was always tinkering and building. Doug was very creative and in my eyes could do anything when it came to building. I feel a great sense of loss and guilt as I was suppose to go on that flight with him that day. I told him I was sick but would love and look forward to the next time. I then told him to have a great flight. Who would have known. Doug you are missed and will always be loved and thanks for the memories.