Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RV-12 RV-12 RV-12

I have to say it! I'm sick of hearing about the light-sport RV-12. Yes, I know it's a great airplane and I know every old fuddy afraid of losing his/her medical certificate wants to build one. I want to build one!

I'm suffering from a case of the "golden boy" syndrome and if you've ever worked at , well, where I work, you'd recognize it immediately. The new kid in town is the golden boy, until the next new kid in town comes along.

We RV-7A builders had our day in the spotlight. Then the RV-10 came along and that was that. And now the RV-12 is the life of the party. We'll endure.

In other news, the new RVator from Van's Aircraft is out. It's chock full of information about the, ummm, RV-12.

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