Saturday, May 15, 2010

N614EF gets wings

I have a lot of work still to do on N614EF before I put the wings on. So today we put the wings on. My youngest son, Patrick, wanted to take a picture of the plane with the wings on, so on they went.

Now, on the first try for the picture above, the tail started to crash down again (I'm in the middle of fixing the rudder fairing from when that happened the other night). There's no prop on this plane for counterweight.

Patrick made airplane noises...

It's just as well we put the wings on; I found more things that needed to get done. It turns out I've hit the little stub from the fuel line on the fuselage that I've put a kink in it inside the fuselage. So the left wing fuel line will have to be routed again; that's a miserable job but it must be done.

You've heard of the RV grin? Here it is -- special "it's not ready to fly yet" version.

I've put in over 2,100 hours and 9 years of work into N614EF. But there's another way to measure it. Just compare this:

To this:

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