Monday, August 24, 2009

Two killed in RV-6 crash

The crash of the single-engine RV-6 airplane occurred at the St. Charles Parish (Louisiana)Airport about 4:20 p.m. on Sunday. The plane veered left on takeoff and crashed into some woods near the end of the runway, said St. Charles Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Dwayne LaGrange. Killed were James F. Miller, 61, of Gretna, and Lt. Col. Wendell Lee Collins, 42, of Hickory, N.C. (more from Registration

The discussion about plane crashes has been an ongoing one in recent months. A thread on VAF that I started was deleted because subsequent comments, from what I understand, strained some sensibilities.

Is there something we can learn about accidents prior to a final NTSB report? Can we bring an educated viewpoint to analyze the data that is made available? Can it be done without offending families? It's an ongoing debate, but one that can best take place on blogs more so than bulletin boards.


WA: Everett/ 8/21/09 . RV-6 hit a hydrant while taxiing for takeoff. (Anyone want to take a stab at this one?) Registration.

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