Monday, August 10, 2009

The predictable response

A small plane and a helicopter collided over the Hudson River on Saturday as you, no doubt, know by now.

3.... 2.... 1...

Roll 'em!

The takes the obvious bait:

"They all navigate by sight. We don't even ride the streets like that," said New Brighton resident Vincent Montalbano, who has long been calling for a ban on aircraft flying over residential areas.

You don't. How do you do it? Rosary beads?

"It's not just because they're so obnoxious," McMahon said of the noisy helicopters. "This is another example of the tragedies that can happen."

And so we must eliminate all risk in our lives.

Had one or both of the aircraft crashed into a neighborhood, "you could have had a huge tragedy on the ground."

But they didn't crash into the neighborhood, did it? The only plane that crashed into a New York neighborhood was a jetliner that was under the control of air traffic controllers. Yeah, the same air traffic controllers who seem to be suggesting this accident wouldn't have happened if it were under the restrictions in the higher airspace.

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  1. I wonder how many have been injured or died in subway/train accidents in New York.

    Shoot, how many have died simply falling in front of a subway train?

    Or been electrocuted on the 3rd rail (assuming that to not be an urban myth)?

    It must be a significant number:

    Oddly enough, though, no one seems to be screaming for the banning of subways.

    I also like the lack of logic demonstrated in effectively saying that "this could have happened over land if they weren't forced to fly over water instead." That's a bit of a stretch!