Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oshkosh Awards for RVers

The list of winners at AirVenture in Oshkosh have been announced. These are the ones to RVers.

Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaque
Gary Daubert, Banks, Oregon
2006 Van’s RV-8, N97MM

Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaque
Joseph Card, Austin, Texas
2007 RV-9A, N4822C

Kit Outstanding Workmanship - Plaque
David Wilson, Galesburg, Illinois
2009 RV-8, N876ND

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
Phil Lamb & Richard White, Blue Springs, Missouri
2009 Van’s RV-8, N53LW

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
Glenn Vokac, Oswego, Illinois
2008 Van’s RV-8, N81GV

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
Joe Czachorowski, Wilmington, Delaware
2008 RV-10, N87FT

Kit Champion - Bronze Lindy
Michael Rossum, Longwood, Florida
2007 Van’s RV-7A, N33MR

This is the famous "mermaid" paint job that had everyone talking.

As I understand it, the painter hired to do this does quite a few planes, and -- for the right price -- will fly to your base and do your airplane.

Reserve Grand Champion Kit Built - Silver Lindy
Richard Gray, Vincent, Ohio
2008 F1 Rocket, N251RG

Congratulations to those above who actually built their RVs (Rick Gray, I know for sure, put the craftsmanship into his plane that won the award. Here's an interview I did with him a few months ago). To those who bought their way to an award, well, big deal.

There was a lot of talk around the campsite about the 51% rule and the usual discussion ensued. Van, of course, served on the committee that is trying to come up with standards. Van can stop this nonsense anytime he wants. When Van's ships a kit to the same address in Texas -- or Oregon or wherever -- over and over and over, he knows exactly what's happening.

My guess is a lot of people who worked hard on their airplane -- themselves -- didn't get the full credit due them. They are, in my books, grand champions all.

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  1. Like you, I love the EAA and am convinced that airplanes are the most aesthetically pleasing objects even created by humans. That said, What is a square-rigged ship doing on the tail of an AIRPLANE.

    This is just so WRONG on so many design and aesthetic levels that it actually opens new vistas in the infinity of Ugh-Lee.