Friday, August 21, 2009

RV Daytripping: DC

It's the darndest thing, really. I've spent the last few weeks really working on the RV-7A project. My wife has been out of town and I've just gotten into that "zone" where all roads lead to the hangar.

Until the last couple of days. I'm sure it's only a momentary thing. Perhaps it's the lousy weather. Or maybe I'd just rather be home with my wife than alone with my aluminum friend. I don't know, but I'm working on trying to get the "zen" back, again.

Fortunately, I have RV daytripping stories and pictures to follow and I'm not sure if all the people who file these on the various Web sites know how motivating they can be.

Ted Chang is posting some now on a trip to DC. DC? Don't small planes vaporize when they get within 30 miles of the place? Apparently not.

If you're similarly motivated by these things, you'll love the selection on his Web site.

Update 8/24 1:48 p.m. - Ted has posted his travelogue here.

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