Friday, July 17, 2009

Why sell an RV?

We pretty much know why people don't complete their RVs -- it usually resulted in more work than they had anticipated, children came along, or a marriage dissolved.

But it still surprises me when a builder puts his RV up for sale. I don't know why it does; it just does. They become a real part of your life and it would be hard to walk away.

I just noticed, for example, that Andy Karmy is selling his RV-9. Andy's Web site is one of those "must read" builder sites. He's going to step (I refuse to call it "down") to an LSA to keep flying.

The sale of the plane reminds me that we become somewhat "attached" to certain RVs out there. I've never met Andy. I've never seen his plane. But I feel like it's part of me nonetheless. Heck, so is Andy. Imagine how many of us will feel if/when Dan Checkoway sells his RV-7; or Doug Reeves' parts with "Flash."

Dan got out of the online world because he got tired of people assuming they know him because they visited his outstanding Web site. But that's the thing about social media.

Anway, I'm interested in writing a story sometime about why you sold your RV? And what the process of separating emotionally from it was (if it was at all, of course). Email me.

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