Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue Mountain goes toes up

I have to admit that I've made many -- most -- of my purchasing decisions based on the experiences of others. And while I know a lot of RV builders have bought Blue Mountain products for their instrument panel, there were enough stories of customer service problems to make me stay away. Recently there was an uptick in products not being delivered to people who'd sent in deposits.

And this week, the company put this notice on the Web site:

Well, it's been fun. We developed a whole new class of machine, started an industry, dominated it, and are now leaving it. BMA will be ceasing production and spinning down. The best way to contact us is via email.

I'm sorry; that's just not good enough. You can't not communicate with people who've spent money with you and then just walk away, saying "it's been fun." It's not fun trusting someone to deliver a product and then fail to do so.

On the company's discussion board, a customer asks if he's "screwed" because he sent in a deposit. The message is, so far, unanswered. There are stories of other builders who paid for their product more than a year ago and had heard nothing.

There's a lesson here for experimental aircraft builders. Pay attention to the recommendations of other builders. If you find a company has a higher number of complaints from builders, walk away.

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