Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Wings Over Wisconsin

Fly-in season is in full force now and it's hard to believe GA (general aviation) is in trouble; I've never had a more difficult year trying to keep up with all of the shows.

WiscNews.com has a story this morning about Wings Over Wisconsin, which was held last weekend. It mentions Dick Martin and his RV-8. Dick was the poster boy for the very first RV Builder's Hotline more than a year ago.

I didn't do any airshow work last weekend. I did take in Saturday's meeting of the Minnesota Wing of Van's Air Force. I've written a blurb about it for this week's issue and will add some photos sometime today... if it's not too busy at work, that is.

Rob Riggen is out of town this week and it originally looked as though we'd skip an issue this week -- it happens during fly-in season -- but I've got time on my hands and it's just like the "old days" this week, me just sort of perusing Planet RV looking for stuff and -- surprise -- finding it.

I've got some fabulous new photos from Don Neuberg, a great photographer and presumably even better commercial pilot. He was at Peachstate Aerodrome for a gathering of RVs last weekend. Look for that.

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