Monday, July 30, 2007

This one's for Tom

This weekend, in the RV Builder's Hotline, I'll be writing about Tony Kirk's project to finish the RV project of Thomas Walsh, who was killed in an accident in January.

Jerry Hansen of Trio Avionics gave me a card Tony was handing out at Oshkosh and this evening I called Tony and talked to him. You can listen to the "podcast" here.

And you can find the Web site dedicated to the project here.

I've made note on a couple of forums tonight that we'll donate $1,000 from the RV Builder's BBQ to the cause. I hope you'll consider doing your part.

The picture above, by the way, is Tony riveting and Joni, Tom Walsh's widow, bucking. It was taken in April. "We were using the sentimental rivets I flew during the missing man flight. It's detailed in an update I made to the 'About Me' page today," Tony said..

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