Tuesday, July 24, 2007

wiFi at Oshkosh

I got a note from Dick Knapinski of EAA regading my entry about EAA evaluating WiFi and getting it established before charging.

First, EAA had no input on Sun n Fun's decision on that service, as sun n Fun runs its own event independent of EAA. Also, in Oshkosh we want to first establish reliable wireless service in small areas, then expand from there. There's never been any formal discussion of charging for the service.
Hope that helps!

In the campground today, WiFi has pretty much become a moot point at the tent. Of course I'm surrounded by people now so spotty service was expected. My "office" outside the showers has now been taken by some guy recharging his Segway Scooter.

BTW, I was invited to a focus group on how to improve AirVenture. I've sworn to secrecy about what is discussed and I'll of course honor it. But my camping partner insists that better soap holders in the showers be on the list.

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