Friday, July 20, 2007

Oshkosh - Friday July 20, 2007

I've arrived for another week at AirVenture, which starts -- at least officially -- on Monday. I've set up for big RV BBQ, grabbed 6 spaces ($190 apiece...I bet if I weren't so honest, I could have bought one and staked out 6!).

A few folks have stopped by so far. Glenn Brasch from Tucson and his son, Michael. Jeff Point heads a group of very dedicated volunteers who manage the RV parking area and make sure people get to their spot safely and efficiently. I've given Jeff a dozen or so tickets to the BBQ to distribute to the folks. Rich Emery and his wife, Mary Jo, also came by and it was good to see Roger Evinson (and I'm sure I'm spelling that wrong) who had the misfortune of having his first flight in his RV-9 (I believe) also be the last. His engine gave out and he had to make an emergency landing. And I mean, it's good to see him.

I understand old pal Mark Chamberlain (I wrote about him a few months ago) had his second engine out and had to put it down; some damage this time, I understand, but he's OK and it sounds like he's still planning to be at Oshkosh. If so, we'll see him Wednesday evening and find out more.

Sad to report that Darwin Barrie's mother had a heart attack yesterday and was due for some surgery today. Our thoughts and prayers are most certainly with the family.

Coming up: the 35-ship RV formation (I believe it's known as Falcon Flight) is due in at 2 p.m. on Sunday.

I believe Doug Reeves is coming in on Saturday.

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