Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off to Oshkosh

The last-minute folks who are pleading to go to the big RV BBQ have pushed the total over 400 now -- not unexpected. I've almost got all of the BBQ stuff put together and tomorrow I'll try to get the packing taken care of.

During Oshkosh, I'll post a daily diary here and on the RV Builders group on Yahoo, as I did last year. And then by next Saturday, I'll have a full-blown article in the RV Builder's Hotline.

The Hotline, as you may know, incorporates data from all over the Web and it would be great to know who is posting stuff on a daily basis from Oshkosh (or near daily) so we can incorporate the coverage.

If you've got something going from Oshkosh, please use the comment sections to spread your URL.

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