Monday, June 22, 2009

RV Daytripping

It was a big weekend for using that big thing with the stubby wings.

  • On Saturday, the annual Boone, Iowa RV fly-in was held. And, sonofagun, RVs flew in. Pete Howell posted pictures on VAF. A gaggle of them are posted here.

  • Dave Gamble at PapaGolf Chronicles flew to Oxford, Ohio with his dad. Nice. And what's not to like about an airport with a building like this?

  • Mark Burns flew to Dauphin Island, AL.

  • Photos of the 18th Annual RV fly-in Scappoose, OR. have been posted here.

    By the way, in June's EAA Chapter 25's (Minneapolis) newsletter, Peter Denny has an article on how to photograph your airplane.

    Beautiful RV-4 for sale. $45,000. Details here.

    Piece of Grass 2009 Update: About 33 people have signed up for the Wednesday night Oshkosh do-nothing.


    Where should you install your Fuel Flow transducer in an RV? (RV-List)


    I want to know more about the hangar set-up for this RV-7A.

    And you'll always remember the first time.


    The Dynon remote compass has now been installed. The wiring to the aft fuselage has been secured. It's time to rivet on the aft top skin. So tonight, my youngest son, Patrick, will meet me at the hangar after work and we'll rivet it on.
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