Thursday, June 25, 2009

Picture of the Week

Because of its northern exposure, sunset in summer in Minnesota is quite late. This was a little after 9 o'clock tonight when the sun finally went down at KSGS -- Fleming Field in South St. Paul.

There's no time of the day that isn't a good time to be at an airport, but sunset is particularly glorious. My wife is out of town for two weeks, my dog was put to sleep a couple of weeks ago, and it's darn lonely at the house. Out at the airport, my companion is the RV project and the occasional voice on the scanner announcing downwind for runway 16.

Fewer and fewer voices break the silence as the sun gets lower, and then one stray with a landing light putters toward home. I drop what I'm doing, walk to the edge of the ramp and watch a no-wind, perfect landing after a perfect flare. "Attaboy," I say, and turn back to the hangar with a double determination -- to land as well as that pilot did, and finish an airplane that can take me away from an empty house.

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