Wednesday, June 3, 2009

AVWEB drinks the Kool Aid

Only cocaine addicts exhibit more evidence of paranoia than pilots. Today, AvWeb promotes a false narrative with its self-promotion of the Fiddling Across America Tour:

These days, the bright light of favorable publicity doesn't shine much on aviation. AVweb's "Fiddling Around America" tour with Dan Gryder's Herpa DC-3 changed that, at least for one week.

... AvWeb's editorial director Paul Bertorelli writes.

Wrong. Not only wrong, but ignorant. Not only ignorant, but intentionally ignorant.

If pilots continue telling this narrative, it's only because they want to in some weird enjoyment of their sense of victimization. Organizations like AOPA depend on it for their survival, and they're guilty to. "It's us against the world."

If pilots aren't finding positive news about general aviation, it's only because they don't want to.

This week's RV Builder's Hotline has at least two. They weren't hard to find. They never are.

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