Tuesday, June 23, 2009

RV accident reports 6/23/09

Ripped from the NTSB database:

Texas - Probable cause determined (6/22/09) in the 4/4/09 incident in Angleton in which an RV-8 crashed on take-off. Cause: Pilot's failure to maintain clearance from trees. (More)

The pilot of the first airplane was observed doing a roll during climb-out. The second airplane climbed out normally. As the third and accident airplane was on initial climbout the airplane was observed to do a roll. As the airplane's wings rolled back to a level attitude, the airplane impacted into trees and subsequently the ground. The pilot exited the airplane unassisted, but was later airlifted to a hospital. Following the accident, continuity was established to all of the airplane's flight controls. Due to the pilot's injuries, he could not be interviewed by investigators or submit an accident report form.

Oklahoma - Probable cause determined (6/22/09) in the 8/11/08 fatal crash of an RV-6A. Ronald Dickey of Tennessee died in the crash. Here's a news clipping from last year. Here's the NTSB report.

The instrument-rated pilot was flying under visual flight rules on a cross-country flight and encountered instrument meteorological conditions. A review of the pilot's logbook showed that he had not flown in actual instrument conditions for over five years. The pilot last logged simulated instrument time during his flight review in February, 2007, and prior to then had not logged simulated instrument time since September, 2004. According to the pilot's wife, she thought that the airplane was equipped for instrument flight, but this could not be verified. Radar data showed the airplane changing altitude and making large heading changes during the last ten minutes of flight. The last four radar returns showed the airplane descending in a right turn from 8,500 feet msl to zero altitude in 23 seconds. Witnesses heard the airplane engine running and saw the airplane exit the clouds in a steep nose-down attitude and impact the terrain. Examination of the airplane disclosed no preimpact anomalies. The airplane's turning ground track and the challenging visibility conditions were conducive to the onset of pilot spatial disorientation. The airplane's rapid, near-vertical descent is consistent with the pilot's loss of control of the airplane because of spatial disorientation.

The National Transportation Safety Board determines the probable cause(s) of this accident as follows:
The pilot's improper decision to continue flight under visual flight rules into an area of reduced visibility weather conditions, which resulted in the pilot's spatial disorientation and subsequent loss of aircraft control. Contributing to the accident was the pilot's lack of recent experience flying in instrument conditions.


NM Nose gear collapsed on an RV-8A while landing in Angel Fire on Sunday. (More) Possible registration data here.

CA: An RV-8A flipped over while landing in Cameron Park last Friday. (More) Possible registration data here.

OR: RV-6 struck landing lights while landing in Hillsboro last Monday. (More)

Update 5:07 p.m. CT 6/21/09 - Two are dead in the crash of an RV in Cottonwood, AZ.

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