Thursday, November 8, 2007

RV imponderables

Steve Formhals, who built the 5,000th RV, had an accident a few weeks ago in which he collided with a car crossing a runway at an airpark. The great news, of course, is that Steve is OK, although he faces a long recuperation.

He provides an update on the incident and his condition today on Van's Air Force.

But my pal, Doug Reeves, notes the imponderable in all of this:

You look at a canopy in the garage funny and it cracks - you drive a car into the plane and it doesn't.

Isn't this the truth? I've put my canopy in the hangar until summer because (a) it developed a crack and (b) it's gotten cold in the Upper Midwest. I have this feeling that I'll look at it next spring, and it'll be cracked all over the place; just because.

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