Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Faris Flight

When I first started building, I got pretty excited reading first flight reports. But, over time, they all started to sound the same "the RV features some-high-priced-piece-of-equipment-I'll-never-afford and the way-big-and-expensive-engine is turning a big-honkin-propeller." Interesting.

Instead, what interests and excites me now are first flight reports from people I know.

So it was really cool to get an e-mail from Kevin Faris while I was in San Francisco earlier this week.

First flight of Kev and Sandy's RV-7, October 28, 2007

Flown by Mike Howard, EAA Flight Advisor

Now you know. It will be painted after phase one and when Sandy and I have determined what we want to do with the paint. We aren't real creative.

Kevin and Sandy Faris were one of the original dozen or so RV-7 builders who attended our very first RVers BBQ at Oshkosh years ago. Shortly thereafter, they sent these cool beenie bags that they had made to weight down plans and other things. And they worked really good -- they were filled with BBs -- until the boys found them and started throwing them at each other... a lot. I'm still picking up little BBs off the floor but I smile every time I do.

Now this isn't one of those "they built it so I can, too" feelings I have. It's pretty clear Kevin is way smarter than I am. No, this is one of those, "I really like these people" feelings.

Plus, now that it's done, Kevin and Sandy can fly over to South St. Paul and do my electrical wiring.

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  1. The 6-A incident was non-fatal, "The two occupants on board were not seriously injured". The double fatal was a separate crash (of a Cessna).