Sunday, November 4, 2007

The $100 hamburger

There've been a couple of nice GA articles in the last week or so, both on the subject of the $100 hamburger. Last week the New York Times ran "Cleared for Lunching."

The world of general aviation is small and intimate, filled with gearheads, adventurers and the slightly off-kilter. Its members, like devotées of hot rods and custom cars, share a subculture built on speed, an appreciation of beautiful machines and a love for the smell of hot motor oil.

But you don’t have to own a plane to bask in the singular ambience of the hunt for the $100 hamburger.

I don't think there was an RV mentioned in the story. But today the Mail Tribune of Southern Oregon ran an article called, oddly enough, "The $100 Hamburger." An RV-6 owner was profiled.

Medford residents Donald and Linda Ross share a TriPacer and an RV-6. Ashland resident Lincoln Zeve flies an A36 Bonanza, his third plane since becoming a pilot. Don got his start as a Naval aviator, and Linda followed his passion some dozen-plus years ago when they first met. Zeve wanted a way out of a small town and was hooked after a float-plane flight.

When these pilots were asked about local burger flights, the unanimous vote was for Melita's at Chiloquin State Airport, north of Klamath Falls. The airport runs parallel to Oregon State Highway 97. Melita's, an old-school highway diner with real Oregon ambiance, is directly across the way. They serve up classic breakfasts, lunch and dinner, including great milkshakes.

When my 7A is done, I'll be chasing the vaunted $100 hamburger.

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