Tuesday, September 4, 2007

MN Wing newsletter is out

I'm thinking one of these days of selecting my All-Star team of RV and EAA-related monthly newsletters. There are, when you get right down to it, only a handful of them.

More often than not, when I was spending a lot of time browsing them for the RV Builder's Hotline, I'd go to a chapter's Web page and be greeted with "Come to the Father's Day Pancake Breakfast, June 11, 2000!" Seriously, EAAers, how can you let that happen?

Anyway, back to the subject, fine newsletters. Doug Weiler singlehandedly puts out one of the nicest newsletters as president of the Minnesota Wing of Van's Air Force.

Doug recalls his early Oshkosh trips, provides several first flight reports, Pete Howell -- who writes the greatest trip stories -- tells of his trip to Montana in his RV-9, and Pete also has details of an amateur-built headset.

You can find the newsletter here.

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