Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EAA newsletter review

On my short list of favorite EAA and RV monthly newsletters, you can count EAA Chapter 242 in South Carolina.

The newsletter rarely gets linked on the Web site in a timely manner, but if you just change the URL around from the latest one listed, you can find the latest one produced.

The August newsletter features Jim Comer's first flight in his 7A.

Oh, did you think I was done? Oh, heck no! EAA Chapter 90's newsletter this month has an Oshkosh review. In addition to be a fine production, it also mentions the RV BBQ. Yahtzee! Here it is. You know, I was looking at Glenn Brasch's pictures he took at Oshkosh the other day. I really miss Oshkosh.


The Lippisch Letter, the newsletter of EAA Chapter 33, has a nice write-up of the AirVenture Cup race, Steve Ciha's article on building a third RV, and a nice little trip-write-up by Mark Navratil.

In EAA 1410's September newsletter, Ross Farnham takes a look at alternative engines. For you RV-9A builders, there's a fascinating test-flight card.

In the unlikely event someone actually reads this blog, feel free to post the URL of your chapter newsletter in the comments section.

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