Monday, September 10, 2007

Medical update

It's been a long time since I've flown. As I've indicated before, I encountered Meniere's Disease (vertigo) while at Oshkosh in January 2006. The symptoms alleviated enough that I took what I thought could well be my final flight in late February (the landing was not a good one) and I've grounded myself ever since.

With symptoms under control -- as near as I can tell -- I started the process of renewing my Third Class FAA Medical Certificate many months ago and, as expected, it resulted in the FAA asking for more information about Meniere's.

"Oh great," I thought, "now I get to jump through hoops for the federal government.

But, to my great surprise, it was less than a month before the FAA let me know that they were satisfied that Meniere's posed no problem for me -- flying wise -- but they noticed in the ECG (a copy of which I sent them and I probably shouldn't have) -- an abnormality that they now want to determine the future significance of (wow, there's a tortured sentence).

Of course, this was all an issue between me and the FAA in 2002, but apparently I have to go through the motions again.

So tomorrow morning, I have a stress test and cardiovascular evaluation scheduled. Assuming I don't go toes up, I may actually get to fly again.

I really need to get in the air again.

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  1. Hi Bob,

    I too have recently been put through the hoops by Oklahoma City.

    I watched the Feds withhold my medical for one reason (high blood pressure that was successfully treated with a FAA approved medication) while they then proceeded to put me through three rounds of testing until they finally found something wrong (kidney stones). For this I was denied a medical and instead given a Special Issuance which requires me to get checked up every year.

    Like you, I would never fly if I did not think I was fit to do so, regardless of what document I had in my pocket. But heck, I'm 53, thin, and just finished a 4-day backpacking trip where I kept up with guys 15 years younger. I'm certainly fit enough to fly a two-place airplane for recreational purposes!

    My experience with Oklahoma City makes me feel that the Feds are actively attempting to thin out the GA pilot ranks. It is for that reason that I've become interested in the RV-12.

    Please keep us updated on how you do. I hope my experience is not typical.

    Best regards,