Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Vicarious flight

If you're an armchair flyer -- as am I these days -- then two travelogues are worth your time today -- both on VAF. Here's a trip to South Dakota. And here's a trip to Scapoose for transition training in an RV-10.

My favorite of the month, though, is still T.C. Chang's flight down the New York City corridor. See RV Hotline.

Our Daily Thread - I'm not sure there has been a hotter thread in months than "the perfect" panel on the RV-10 list. Get your calculators out.

TIPS - Tim Olson has just updated his page that is devoted to RV-10 options. Go there.

Now, obviously, I was on Tim's site this morning, but I missed this one. Fortunately, Tim dropped me a line this morning to tell me about it. "Hopefully people will at least spend the time to do a good
job on their panels," he said.

Now if you followed the RV Hotline for the year-plus I worked on it, you know that I've found lots of stuff on panel design. This is one of the best I've read yet.

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