Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is this thing on?

Rob Riggen has published this week's RV Builder's Hotline, featuring a look at flying an RV to Sun F Fun. Go here. I wrote a column for this week's issue but the links got dropped as well as a picture of the subject of the column. To see the original, go to my other blog, Stirrings from the Empty Nest.

My favorite RV blogger, Dave Gamble, has a dissertation today on his fabulous blog, the PapaGolf Chronicles, about the crash of an RV in Ohio, where he lives, but relates it to the image homebuilt airplanes have among the non-flying public.

Bad news from the Texas fly-in today. Apparently it's been weathered out for many people. That's what I'm getting from this thread on VAF.

I'm attuned to any threads out there about canopies, since that's what I'm working on now. The subject of what to do with canopy ears has come up today on VAF. And two of my favorite posters reply with tips -- Dan Checkoway and Roberta Hegy.

Our Daily Thread - I think the fastest-growing activity among RV pilots these days is video. Yesterday I saw a fabulous video over South Texas on YouTube. You can find it here. So on the SoCal Yahoogroup -- membership required), they're playing with someone's new lipstick camera.

Marc Ausman, at Vertical Power (we'll be seeing him at the RV BBQ) has posted some videos of his new EFIS in action. This is really cool. Patience, however, it takes awhile to download.

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