Tuesday, May 29, 2007

An emergency landing executed flawlessly

The big story today is a nice emergency landing by an RV-8. Well "nice", perhaps, isn't the right word. There's nothing "nice" about having to make an emergency landing. But it certainly was a nice outcome. I've not heard of either of these pilots. It's funny, really, how you begin to recognize all of the online RVers, and begin to think that everyone who's building is online. Obviously, that's not the case.

Anyway, they landed in a field after initially checking out a golf course. I've thought a lot about whether golf courses make good places to land. And since I played (and I use that term loosely) a game yesterday, I checked out the distance between foursomes to see if landing would be possible. It would certainly require short-field technique, but even if a golf course is crowded, there should be enough distance.

Of course the problem with golf courses is unless they're a par-5, they're usually not very straight, and usually have a lot of undulations in them.

Our Daily Thread: RV Builder Bobby Hester usually starts some good threads about building. He cross-posts quite often, so if you want to follow along, with a coherent voice, you have to really work at it. The question is:

My swiveling nose wheel has gotten jerky. Will just squirting a few shots of grease in the zert fitting take care of this or do I need to take it all apart clean, grease and reassemble? 65 hrs. on it.

You can find answers on the Ohio Valley YGroup (checkout the breakout force, whatever that means), the RV Builders YGroup (regrease every 100 hours), and the RV List (no replies yet).

Tips: Dimple or countersink? That's the question on Rivetbangers when it comes to the skin holes in the rear wing spar. Once the ribs are riveted in, it's impossible to dimple the rear spar/rib hole (and they don't tell you to dimple ahead of time there). There is a suggestion on tha thread to dimple the two together. Don't do that. Trust me on this. I did that with skin holes where the wing fairing nutplates go. The results are horrible and, I'm sure, introduce stress cracks. Repeat after me: countersink.

Calendar: EAA 9 has scheduled a Bob Nuckolls seminar for Columbus in early December. Hmmmm... I may end up going to that one. I sent a note to Bob last year to see if we could get one in the St. Paul area, but I never heard back.

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