Sunday, May 27, 2007

Over the Airwaves

Having done so for over a year, I know how difficult it is to put out a regular newsletter of information. Certainly, right up there in the superstardom is a guy named Bob Miller from, I believe, upstate New York. Every other week, he distributes "Over the Airwaves," a newsletter for pilots about safety issues. Among the many articles this week is one keeping safe in turns.

Imagine what happens if we takeoff 250 pounds overweight. In a 75 degree level turn bank, our overweight airplane now weighs 10,070 lbs! Will the wings bear the weight??? Willing to bet your life on it?

Over the Airwaves publishes every other week. Next week,he's going to look at an RV-4 accident.

It was a lovely day in Wichita, Kansas. A bit windy but that goes with the territory. An RV-4 pilot and his wife took off for a planned trip to Missouri.

Things were perfectly normal until a sudden distraction grabbed the pilot's attention just as the airplane became airborne. The canopy suddenly popped open! The aircraft instantly yawed about 45 degrees and pitched upward. Tragically, this pilot is now a widower.

He's also going to consider the difficulty of landing a light-sport category aircraft. I admit I'd never considered such things but the effect of gusty winds, among other things he says, is worthy of consideration.

I'm so pleased the EAA is giving the Tony Bingelis award at Oshkosh to Dick Koehler. Dick, that's him standing over his worst student in the picture, was the instructor at the wiring workshop class I took at Oshkosh in January. He was terrific.

On the flying front, the folks at Palmetto Flight have posted a review of their flight over Fort Jackson, South Carolina last week.

Dave Gamble, the father of the PapaGolf Chronicles went flying yesterday.

Anyway, as we turned final and Guy was just beginning to assess what he had seen of my piloting skills in the previous 15 minutes in order to calculate the odds of surviving the landing, just as any other pilot-passenger would do, I let fly with a jubilant "That's IT!!" I can't say for sure whether the non sequitur shifted the calculated odds towards the negative to any appreciable degree, but I imagine it gave him a moment's pause as he considered the implications to his personal well-being of my apparently having remembered something about how to land an airplane at nearly the last possible moment. Now that is a good time to pull off a solid 7 of a landing! A solid 10 would have been nicer, but over the narrower runway at MadCo I flared about an inch too low. That's not a terrible things, and it really only manifests itself as a bit more squish in the tires and a fairly chirpy arrival.

Our Daily Thread I guess this is my Vertical Power pitch of the day. Marc Ausman posts this on Rivetbangers.

Guys, I hope you don't mind if I make a plug for the company, but wanted to let you know that we are now shipping the wiring harnesses and have an introductory special: buy a harness now before end of July, and get full credit for that harness when purchasing a system before the end of the year. More details at:

This week, Avery Tools is having a sale. Ten percent off everything in the '07 catalog and 1/2 price ground shipping. This doesn't include tool kits.

Speaking of shipping, I ordered a new rear canopy channel and splice joint plate from Van's on Thursday. On Friday I got confirmation it's been given to UPS for delivery. Scheduled delivery? Friday. A week? Who takes a week to deliver anymore? What can brown do for me? Don't take a week!

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