Sunday, July 18, 2010

One more autograph

I've written several times before about the number of "autographs" that are hidden around N614EF. As people would help, I'd ask them to "autograph" the part they helped on. It's fun to be working around the airplane and see an autograph from eight or nine years ago, documenting a day I'd forgotten about.

Today, I added another autograph because the "helper" wasn't able to.

Jennifer Helen Collins, my niece, died this morning.

Jennifer was born with Spida Bifida, the oldest of my twin brother's four children. She could walk with crutches, but for the most part, the wheelchair was her constant companion.

I looked around the airplane this morning looking for the perfect spot to add her "autograph," finally settling on the inside of the right wing, in honor of my brother's love of politics.

Jennifer Helen Collins
12/1/78 - 7/18/10
She couldn't walk, but now she flies


  1. beautiful, Bob! A wonderful tribute to your niece!

  2. I'm sorry for your loss, Bob, but that was beautiful.

    Maria Gamari

  3. Bob, I'm sorry that your family lost Jennifer. Know you're in my thoughts & you're being sent some peace & strength.

    I'm glad that her name will fly with you.