Saturday, July 17, 2010

Countdown to Oshkosh

At this time next week, I'll be at Oshkosh, spending Saturday with a tape recorder in one hand, a camera in the other, putting some stories together for EAA Radio and also getting some pieces together for Letters From Flyover Country.

As in previous years, I'll be posting several times a day here and I hope you'll follow along. I tend to look for the comedic or at least slightly off-the-beaten path anecdotes so I'm probably not going to be a good source for the last technology that's unveiled at AirVenture.

Besides, there are plenty of other places to get that. But nobody else has written about the Porta Potty Prayer (Which you can find in this classic post).

As always, it's a lot more fun doing this if I know you're out there reading it. So please comment often.

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