Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lights! Lights! Lights!

Today, N614EF got her landing and taxi lights. It's been a good day of work at ye olde hangar and -- again -- thanks to Vertical Power, it was a simple process.

First, I ran wires to the right wing, attached it to the right taxi light, configured the Vertical Power VP-50 and...

Now, this wing is going to have to come off, but I didn't put any connectors at the wing root. Instead, I just left extra wire coiled, so I've eliminated a point of failure. Why does it have to come off? Because this is the famous edge-distance-screwup wing and I've still got to set the angle of incidence on it, and I also have to run some wires for the TruTrak autopilot, which is in this wing.

The left wing, on the other hand, is ready to be attached for good (one hopes), and so RV builder and pal Brad Benson stopped by to help lift it into position. The temporary bolts went in by hand and fairly easily. I'm hoping that's a good thing.

With the wing on, I ran the wire from the VP-50, spliced it into a wire coming from the wing, configured the VP-50 for the left landing light, and....

You'll probably have to take my word for it that both lights are on in this picture. I got wet to get it; it's raining in Minnesota today.

Incidentally, I ran out of 10 amp circuits on the VP-50, so I took the flaps motor off the VP and will put it on a regular electrical buss with a fuse. I don't need a backup system for flaps; I can land and take off without them if need be.

Now as soon as I get the software updated in the VP-50, I'll configure it and -- voila! -- I'll have wig-wagging wing lights without needing any additional wiring, switches, or relays. That's the advantage of the Vertical Power system. I wonder what need things will come in the future?

One note, the new fuel line came out great and the distance from the fuse to the attachment fitting on the fuel tank was perfect -- 3 1/2" from the rubber grommet (please note that: That measurement is from the grommet, not the fuselage skin). I know a lot of people are always looking for this measurement, so there you go. No charge.

I'm a little concerned about the right wing line. It seemed a hair short, but maybe I can get an extra 1/32" or so by messing around carefully with the line inside the fuselage. We'll see.

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  1. The lights reflect off the wet I don't need to take your word. But I would...maybe.