Friday, June 25, 2010

I got your shipping right here

An order from Aircraft Spruce arrived today. Now at the end of filling out the order, a little postage calculator said it would be about $15 to ship it.

Here's the order:

20 small stop nuts
4 small ring terminals for a 1/4" stud
10 screws for mounting instruments
3 cubic feet of soundproofing material
1 4x4 piece of .063 aluminum
4 feet of 3/4 .063 aluminum angle.

Total of the parts $65.15.

Cost to ship: $115.63.

I also ordered a $400 Electronics International fuel level instrument today, too.

At the rate I'm on,it's starting to look like I'll wait until next winter before ordering a propeller, which probably puts me a little behind on the cowling. I'll likely work on finishing the electrical system and running some fuel lines, but it's pushing the first flight back to, probably, 2012.


  1. Did you let them throw in the catalog? I didn't specifically say "OH HECK NO!" when ordering some brads, and that cost me a lot in shipping.

    Won't make that mistake twice!

  2. davegehle@hotmail.comJune 27, 2010 at 10:30 AM

    I'm assuming UPS?
    They are pretty smart about this. Not only do they look at the weight of the shipment, but also the dimensions of the shipment and therefore the density (lbs / cubic foot, cubic inches, etc). Small, relatively heavy packages meet the minimum density and are costed by weight. Larger, bulky packages are costed by density. So, you probably paid for a much higher weight given the low density of the package.