Sunday, March 14, 2010

The uninformed and misinformed

I saw in one of the postings on the SoCal Yahoogroup list that someone again challenged the value of the media, quoting the Mark Twain axiom that if you don't read the paper you're uninformed and if you do read the paper you're misinformed. Funny stuff.

It's easier for pilots -- unfortunately -- to sit around and bitch about aviation's poor image in the media rather than do something about it or create an atmosphere of cooperation. I suppose they're the same people bitching about everything else without (a) realizing how good they've got it and (b) leaving any sort of positive mark upon the ground they walk.

So I continue to point out that they're wrong at least as often as they're right. And because they're obsessed with the negative, they didn't point out this article appearing today in the Norman Transcript about a flight businesses and a 13-year old kid who's getting into aviation and aerobatics thanks to an RV-4.

Here's some advice for you kid. When you meet the "uninformed and misinformed," just keep walking.

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